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The ultimate range


maximum range

User Definable

resolution settings

1 Million Pts/Sec

scan rate

sensitivity levels

upgrade options

The world's only 1000 meters survey-grade 3D laser scanner covers large areas in a fraction of the time. The P50 is the answer to scanning tall buildings, wide infrastructures, inaccessible places, all from a safe position.

High Dynamic Range

Give your scan data richer colors and more information in very-bright, or very-dark areas allowing you to see more of your scan.

Check & Adjust

Check angular parameters, real-time tilt compensator, and range offset, ensuring optimal working conditions in the field.

Onboard Target Acquisition

Select your target directly from a video or scan.

Mixed Pixel Filtering

Filter out pixel noise, producing cleaner scans. This reduces cleanup work in the office by up to 40%.

Scan Area Definition

Make precise selections from scan or video allowing you to focus on a particular target area to save you time both in the field and in the office.

Survey Functionality

The Pro Series 3D imaging laser scanners are capable of performing survey workflows and onboard registration to increase the proficiency of your workflow. These features include:

- Quick orientation
- Set Azimuth
- Known Backsight
- Resection
- Auto Resection
- Traverse