The Thrill of Stabilization

Like Carl, you scan in the real world, which is full of movements beyond your control. These daily challenges can make getting accurate scans a real headache.

Gust of Wind

Heavy winds on seasides, on mountains, or in between tall buildings in the city can cause heavy wind gusts, producing scanner movements that often go unnoticed.

Bumping the Tripod

Inadvertant kicking of the tripod or bumping of the instrument often negatively effect your typical scanner's results, requiring rescanning.


in the Ground

There are many things that can cause vibrations in the ground; The effects of which, with your typical scanner, can only be seen back in the office.

The Results of Movement on a Typical Scanner

The new ScanStations from Leica have state-of-the-art, in-device technology that stabilizes and compensates for all kinds of movements, saving time both in the field and post scan.

Dual Axis Compensator

With this innovation, wobbly scan results are a thing of the past.

Our new ScanStations ensure accuracy and reduce unwanted surprises back in the office in two ways:

General Movements

For minor movements, such as road vibration and wind, the Dual Axis Compensator will automatically correct data in the field, on the fly.

Extreme Movements

For more extreme movements, such as accidental kicks and knocks to the tripod, the instrument will halt scanning, eliminating wasted time recording faulty data.

Meet the New ScanStation Lineup