Next Generation Deliverables

It's hard enough when clients have to look at black and white deliverables. But, when they lack in clarity and survey grade accuracy, it can become a challenge for you to build credibility, as well as, the value of the scanner to clients.


This technology increases the detail of high contrast images, allowing dark, as well as, bright areas to be clear and visible.



Mixed Pixel Filtering. This innovation helps filter out pixel noise and increases the definition of 3D point clouds in the field.


Build credibility with incredible deliverables and make collaboration a breeze.


With Leica Geosystems' new HDR feature 3D point clouds look like representations of the real world, with rich, true colors.

Without MPF
With MPF

Mixed Pixel Filtering

Not only does mixed pixel filtering help produce incredibly clean scans, but more importantly, it reduces clean up work in the office by up to 40%.

Presenting deliverables that not only are survey-grade high definition scans, but also look like them, are key to building credibility.

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