Longer Range, Shorter Hours

When your scanner can acquire a target at no more than 20m, your range is very limited and requires you to do multiple setups for longer distances. At longer distances, repeatedly setting up the scanner and targets becomes a very time consuming burden.


Acquiring targets at longer distances is key to saving time, yet your typical scanner goes no further than 20m.



The longer the distance, the more setups a typical scanner needs, possibly making a simple job an all day event.



Speed is key to optimizing productivity and helps avoid disturbing sensitive environments, which most typical scanners fail to deliver.

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Fancy Footwork

No, these are not dance moves, but simply footwork needed for just a few setups. The key to increasing productivity is to simply reduce the amount of setups.

Up to 5 Times Faster

With Leica Geosystems' new ScanStations that acquire targets at 75m, setups and time are drastically reduced. This means longer distances equal an exponential increase in your bottom line.

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