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Mike Harvey

HDS Product Applications Manager – NAFTA

Michael has over 14 years experience in the laser scanning field. As product manager for Leica Geosystems, Michael has created comprehensive training materials for the HDS laser scanning business, rolled out product launches for the NAFTA region, conducted numerous sales and dealer training events, researched and developed new workflows for the numerous markets that laser scanning serves, written numerous technical eZines, promoted the technology from a sales and support point of view, and guided the development of both the HDS hardware and software. But the most meaningful part of Michael’s work has been in helping individuals and teams learn the strategies and techniques that enable them to apply laser scanning in ways that lead to increased business success.

Lonnie Price

Technical Services Manager HDS at Leica Geosystems HDS, LLC

Lonnie has been managing Leica technical support for 15 years. Before this Lonnie had four years working as a software a developer for EA systems, an engineering software company which is similar to PDMS. Many of our current software developers worked for the same company. He also has fourteen years of mechanical engineering experience working for Standard Oil Of California, James M. Montgomery Engineers and Total Petroleum.

Andrea Fournier

Senior Tech Support Engineer

Andrea is experienced in senior level technical support for over 10 years. This includes, but is not limited to Cyclone and CloudWorx software installation, licensing, workflow, and troubleshooting technical difficulties. In addition, support of all HDS Scanners (for example: P20, C10, etc). Key levels of expertise are problem solving, technical trouble shooting skills, and communication skills. She also continually strives to provide superior technical support to our current, prospective, and future customers. Andrea is the liaison between our Customers and Hardware and Software Engineers in order to continually develop and provide the best Laser Scanning Hardware and Software on the Market.

Angelique "Angel" Ortega

Tech. Support Technician and HDS Conference Coordinator Leica Geosystems

Angel has been with Leica Geosystems for the past 9 years and has become well known for her prompt service to her customers. While she has several roles with the HDS division, her contributions to the support team with licensing support, software and hardware trouble shooting have helped to make the North American support team the best in the industry. In conjunction with the Leica HDS Support, Angel contributes to the efforts to the North American Plant sales team where she serves as the Inside Sales Representative. Angel also plays a significant role as one of the HxGN Conference coordinators where she helps with speaker engagements, training coordination and the Geosystems Info booth.

Tim Woodruff

Senior HDS Trainer

Tim has been in Laser Scanning since joining Cyra Technologies in 2000. He started out as a Sales Engineer; supporting the salesmen in the field with the technical side of demos. This naturally lead into tech support and training of new customers. Specialties: Tim’s specialty is Laser Scanning. During his role as Training Manager for Leica Geosystems HDS he learned truly broad range of experiences in all fields of Laser Scanning. In 15 + years, Tim has seen just about every kind of use for laser scanning.

Matthew Mizell

HDS Technical Support and Training Specialist at Leica Geosystems

Matthew has been part of the HDS training team for just over 6 years. When he is not delivering training, he is a great help to the support staff where he tackles many of the tougher workflow related issues. He has been a major contributor to training material creation both for written material as well as video based content. Matthew has also been a part of the Leica HDS sales team where he oversaw a section of the Southeast United States where it was his duties to find, develop and nurture new customers to success with laser scanning.

Karen Hughes

HDS Technical Support and Training Specialist at Leica Geosystems

As an HDS Trainer and Applications Specialist for Leica Geosystems, Karen has trained across all disciplines with a focus on Civil/Survey, Public Safety, Academia and Historic Preservation. She has helped develop the extensive training material, courses and presentations. With a background in Historic Building Preservation, Karen has 15 years in Laser Scanning and gained extensive field and post processing experience across North American and at international sites. Karen is dedicated to helping the HDS customers and community solve problems, develop new workflows and have successful project outcomes. Her attention to correct procedures in teaching laser scanning brings customers back asking for her as their trainer. In teaching as in scanning, the details are what matters. She is a valuable asset as she continually updates her knowledge and skills.

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